Quick Tips

To make the best sealed sandwich use fresh bread. Dry bread will not seal as well as moist bread. If the sandwich only seals on three sides, put the sandwich back through the Krustbuster with the edge that is not sealed sticking slightly off one side of the buster. Re-seal by pressing down. Start with one slice of bread centered on the opened sandwich maker. Close it using light pressure to mark where to place the filling for your sandwich. Open Buster and apply filling to the marked piece of bread. Add a second slice, close the sandwich maker and press tightly until the Crust can be gently pulled away.

A microwave and freezer open up new options for the Krustbuster. Make a hot egg sandwich by applying butter, margarine or Pam to the inside of the Kupbuster. Crack an egg into the Kup then add bacon bits, grated cheese or whatever you like. Mix with a fork and place in microwave with paper towel over the top and cook 30 seconds or until cooked. Place one piece of bread on the bottom paddle of the Krustbuster and add any condiments. Turn your Kupbuster contents over the center of the bread. Place another piece of similar sized bread on top then press the Krustbuster together until the krust can be easily removed from the sides. When using heat to prepare a hot Krustbuster adult supervision is always recommended. Once a sandwich is completely sealed you can toast it in a bagel size toaster. You can also make all the weeks sandwiches at one time and freeze them for later in a plastic bag or sealed container. Not only does it save time in the morning, but the sandwiches will be fresh and ready to eat by lunchtime. Because the krust is removed before the sandwich is eaten the leftover crusts can be used in casseroles, for stuffing and also used for croutons. Made of the highest food grade plastic the Krustbuster and Kupbuster are dishwasher safe. Recommended for children over 6 years old. Wash before using your Krustbuster. We recommend removing the sticker before placing it in a dishwasher or microwave.